For Sale N5391M - Tri-gear KR2/ Portland, Oregon

146 Time on the Hobbs meter - 25 hours in the past 12 months
Estimated 146TT on the Revmaster 2100D
June 2018 Condition inspection with current log books and all paperwork

Deihl Wings and tri-wheel landing gear. Matco disk brakes.
Belly Brake with electric actuator
Tip-up canopy revision ala Mark Lanford's design
12 Gallon header tank, wing tanks about 8 gallons each side with Facet transfer pump

Rebuilt Revmaster heads with stainless steel valves less than 20 hours ago
Revflow injector & bypass air filter
4-into-1 Great Plains exhaust system
Burns less than 5 GPH & engine runs cool; CHT around 300 & oil around 180 degrees F
2 props; 52x52 Sterba & 52x49 Props Inc

Dynon D6 EFIS display with remote compass unit, A/S, Altimeter & full engine instrumentation.
Handheld ICOM A6 radio. ELT. No transponder.

This is a basic KR2 with 150 hours since Nov. 2014. Estimated 300TT on the fuselage.
Many more details on this airplane.
800 foot take off from 2000' grass field (movie file). This opens a YouTube movie.

Apple Movie files
30 Second panel video shot at idle
30 second walkaround video shot at idle
60 second inflight video shot over Amity, Oregon

Windows video files
30 Second panel video shot at idle N5391M-PanelIdle-converted.mp4
30 second walkaround video shot at idle  N5391M-WalkaroundIdle-converted.mp4
60 second inflight video shot over Amity, Oregon  N5391M-OverAmity-converted.mp4

5.00x5 mains & 3.30-3.00x5 standard nose wheel & tire
Presently set up and flown as a single seat airplane. Right seat included - must remove arm rest to install the other seat.
Recommended pilot max height 6' - I am 6'2" & 200# and I just fit.

EXTREMELY EASY to maintain! Cowl, canopy and front deck/ header tank dismount in about 20 minutes makes for great access to everything.
This is a simple and spartan flying airplane. Not a lot of frills. Based at 2000 grass strip; I use about of it. Cruise about 130 at 3000rpm.

I'm working to finish another project so I plan to sell this KR2.
I am NOT the builder, just the owner & pilot.
Make me a reasonable cash offer and please don't insult the airplane or the owner with your offer.

John Bouyea
Reply to kr2s at -or- talk to me at  the 2018 KR Gathering in Mt. Vernon, Sept 13 - 15

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