KR2-S Project For Sale in Portland, Oregon area

Official early 3-ring binder release plans for the KR2 and KR2-S supplement; includes original receipt issued directly by Jeannete Rand.
Also included is a second set of early plans [Green book] with different issued serial number also has KR2-S supplemental drawings.
So 2 sets of plans. Diehl trigear mains installed down to the axle mounting plate. No nose gear or engine mount included.

 Mahogany plywood skins and spruce appear nicely joined throughout. Very nice build quality through the metal and most of the wood work is complete. Joinery quality is apparent in the following photos. Appears to always have been stored indoors but there is light surface rust on many of the steel fittings where it replaced some of the hinge materials.
Project includes photo album of progress. I did not inspect build logs or receipts and paperwork is part of the project.
Patrick is not the builder. Photos and site visit by me and if you have specific questions about build quality, contact John at kr2s at

Asking $2500 and will consider any offer. Contact Patrick (the owner) directly at

Click on any photo to see the full resolution image.

Example of scarf joint quality of workmanship

Example of some additional materials include a roll of PeelPly and KR cloth

Construction photo album

Firewall top width

Fuselage outside width above rear spar

Firewall bottom width

Firewall to Vertical stab post length

Length from firewall to forward spar aft face

The only apparent gap in fitting gusset blocks. Nice workmanship in my opinion.

Hangar rash broke this glue joint