KR2 Project For Sale $2500
Structure basically complete on Diehl trigear
Stub wings are open if you want to convert to a tail dragger
Disc brakes, wheelpants & wingskins mounted
KR2S forward-swing canopy & turtledeck raised and installed
Dual-stick pushrod controlled ailerons & pitch control
RevMaster engine mount & cowl
Panel with switches includes some instruments
RC Allen elevator trim & control grips
Located in Portland, Oregon
Delivery within 500 miles possible - let's talk about it
You cannot buy the wingskins or gear for $2500
Full price purchase + $500 I'll include a complete RevMaster 2100D core!
See the full details:
Send me an email about your interest in buying this project here: kr2s @

RevMaster Cowl

Tip-Up Canopy

Panel with Partial Instruments & Switches

Carbon Seat & Hinged Foam Backrest

Dual Sticks with Pushrods to Ailerons and Elevator Bellcrank

Fits on a full-size pickup, wings below in the bed.

RevMaster 2100D Optional Purchase $500
Was flying in a Volksplane if I recall what Joe at RevMaster told me
Turns over freely and seems to make compression
Missing the lower intake manifold and oil cooler otherwise largely complete