N133RM Belly Brake -or- Board

The drag brake installed on N133RM is quite simple and works very well. It is fully stowed or fully deployed; there is no in-between option. With no other configuration changes while in slow flight (2200 RPM & 65 MPH indicated airspeed) the airplane goes from straight & level to a 400 FPM descent. It does require running full down nose trim.

A tube is attached to the acutator level which bolts to the board itself. The pilot's handle just rotates on the end of the tube and this allows tucking it between the seat cushoins when not in use. To operate it, first flip down the retention hook between the seat back cushions. Then grab the handle, turning it to whatever is most comfortable to hold, pull it back and slip it behind the retention hook.


Original belly brake as designed [but never installed as such.]