Since I changed the engine mount, I got to redo the cowl.  One modification leads to another and so I am building baffles.  (If I ever get finished with this "rebuild" I'm never going to take this on again!  It must be easier to build new from scratch.  Everything I've changed on this project required "un-building" the original work, designing something that will work with the existing parts and then actually building and installing the improvement.)

These are just templates to get the shape correct.  I'm using .025 2024-T3 to learn something about forming aluminum.

I found fitting the baffle to the shape of the wide cowl likely to create an overly large plenum.  I purchased a AeroVee baffle kit.  It arrives as a number of flat sheets with precision laser cut edges.  The baffle trim shapes matches the VW engine components exactly.  The $100 price for pre-cut material saved both time and money.  Since the cowl for a Sonex and the KR are shaped differently, we trimmed the outside edges of the baffle components to match the curves of the KR cowl I am using.

Credit to Joe Beyer for his efforts to help fit the parts into a whole assembly.