KR-2 N612DC
Revmaster 2100D (75hp)  Prop: Props Inc. 52 X 48 
Max cruise speed: Full throttle, 174 mph (3200 rpm), 5000', calm air. 
Oil temperature: can be kept below 200 degrees F on climbout on a hot day. 
Normally runs about 180 degrees F in cruise.
Cylinder head temperature: runs about 300 degrees in cruise up to 350 
degrees during climbout.

Intakes- 4 3/4 inches wide, tapering from 2 inches to 1 5/8 inches.
Exit- 20 inches wide, tapering from 1 1/4 inches at center to 1 inch at either end.

Construction details include the radius on the edge of the firewall at the outlet and the diffuser features of the inlets.  The radius at the outlet was obtained by making a full radius on 1" thick foam tapered into the fuselage bottom in this area.  The diffuser features are the diverging contour of the cowl inlet flange and the fairing of the top part into the inside surface of the upper cowl. 
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David R. Christensen's cowl pictures:

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Jan02_08.jpg (81772 bytes)Jan02_09.jpg (64507 bytes)Jan02_10.jpg (83989 bytes)

David's aileron counter balance

I also included a scan of the layout I did on my wing drawing to size and locate the mass balance.  Be sure to allow for the wing taper.  This needs to be accurate as there is just enough room for the weight to move.  I just remembered that the aluminum plate doesn't extend to the end of the lead weight.  I made a mold and poured the lead around the end of the aluminum, then drilled holes and installed the bolts.  I think that light colored area on the front of the aileron spar above the plate is just a reflection.
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