For Sale: N54JB KR2 with VW Engine 108 TTAF

** SOLD ** Thank you for your interest!

 Joe flying N54JB - more photos here

Joe Beyer passed away over the winter of 2022-2023. His sister survives him and wants to find a new home for his airplane.
It is at the McMinnville, Oregon airport safely stored inside a hangar. To the best of my knowledge, the airplane was always stored inside.
It was static displayed at the 2015 KR Gathering and some attendees of that event helped Joe install the wings.

N54JB is a plans-built standard KR2 on tricycle gear Joe designed. Drawings below.
FAA registration is current through 2028.
The last condition inspection noted in the PILOT logbook is dated August 2007. I have not seen the aircraft logbook yet but it is included.
Plans, construction manual, newsletters and a large amount of documentation accompanies the airplane, both for KR and other aircraft, the Rutan composite manual for example.
A custom built trailer for the airplane is included in the sale. Photo pending. All assorted aircraft parts located in the hangar included but no inventory available yet.

A VW 1641cc engine is installed. Joe designed a prop bearing system and an extended prop flange rides inside this bearing.
SIngle magneto ignition and hand prop started. Joe built the prop and it is included but not installed presently. Photos of the prop build below.
The data plate states an empty weight of 604#. The airplane was built as non-electric and is exempt from transponder & ADS-B requirements.
If I recall correctly, Joe said the cruise speed with the 1641 engine was in the 105mph range. Perhaps a larger displacement engine and full wheel pants would yield faster speeds.

The wing attach fittings (WAF) are secured with taper pins, fitted and indexed to each point, replacing the typical AN bolts. This is a very secure method, far more precise than shear bolts installed in most airplanes. The Sonerai also uses taper tpins.

Joe was a tall guy and the standard sling seats provide headroom for people over 6'1" who both tried it on recently. It is a spartan interior.
Wood and fiberglass workmanship is rated as very good throughout. FPL-16 glue was used throughout and can be seen as traces of white-colored glue line in the interior.

The paint is shiny and well adhered with some traces of orangepeel present. Very little hangar rash.

Photos from the 2010 era. Click on image for full scale picture.
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New fuel tank pictures

Landing gear details


New prop build photos