Steve Mead

The fuselage is mounted on Deihl tri-main gear and the belly skin is not installed. Turtledeck, canopy frame (with integral roll bar), and forward deck are installed.  Rudder and elevator are finished.  Deihl wings have tanks installed and are mostly complete; ailerons are hinged but not mounted.  RR Sling seat, control stick, rudder bars, and tinted canopy.  The control loop to ailerons is complete.  Cleveland wheels, brakes and master cylinders with 5.00x5 tires.  12 gallon race car plastic fuel cell. 

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Accessories included with the project;

Here it is all safely tucked away in Joe's hanger next to his KR2

Joe's progress on Steve's new project...

Updated: 2003-09-20

Rev Master 2180 Turbo and a Maloof prop hub

Loaded up onto the trailer, ready to be strapped down and delivered to the shipping concern;

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