These documents accompanied the airframe when I acquired it. Mostly we have these because of the consistent effort of Bruce Utting to recover them from the Rudy Wenk estate. Thank you Bruce. This is the only photo I have of Bruce, taken while he was securing the wing for shipment back to the US.

The calculations were done by an engineer for his father's project so I'd have to believe the numbers are correct. While these drawings & calculations are proven through the construction of N133RM and Roy's rather exuberent flying of it, these files are provided as a point of reference only with the typical disclaimer: "Use at your own risk" and your results may vary...

Cockpit Installations Chapter 11.pdf
KR-M Spar Design Calculations.pdf

When I visited Roy during the construction, he told me he flew P-51s in the service. He said that the airfoil was "thinner and should be faster." Later documentation says it is the 23012 airfoil which has a bad reputation for stalls; I haven't experienced that myself. I fly off a 2000' grass strip and take-off uses about 25% more runway than the stock Diehl wing on a standard KR2 trigear I used to own. There are many other differences in the airplanes so I cannot directly attribute the longer run to airfoil alone.

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