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N133RM General History

Roy Marsh built the first KR2 airframe later to become recognized as the KR-2S prototype in Santa Maria, California, my wife's home town. Early on, I visited as Roy was building his project. Shoehorned into a tiny garage behind his wife Antoinette's red Alfa Romero sports car, his fuselage was taking shape on his work bench. Roy had time to answer my many questions and helped me to launch getting my own project underway. And I cannot believe, somehow, I lost all the photos from 4 rolls of film I shot that day!

Original documents issued upon certification of KR-2S Serial # 8103 from the FAA records;

Roy flew the airplane 538 hours(!) over three years before selling it, to build a larger airplane according to the story I've heard. It then passed through the hands of several other owners. Eventually the airplane was bought by Gary Sack in Northern California. Gary made several repairs, had the Revmaster 2100DT Turbocharged engine upgraded to a 2200DT, "zero-timed" and flew it about 5 hours.

Gary sold N133RM to Rudy Wenk in New Zealand in 2007. Rudy sent a container to Gary who packed it and away it went over the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand.

In 2008, the airplane was assembled and exhibited at a fly-in in Tauranga, NZ. Sharp eyes will note the ailerons are not hooked up and there is no registration mark.

Somewhere along the way, the wings were damaged and a local mechanic pronounced the airframe non-airworthy. Rudy stored the airplane in his "shed."

After 10 years, Rudy had passed away and the estate placed the airplane into auction sale. I unsuccessfully made an offer to the auction house and thought the airplane was destined to die there. Luckily Bruce Utting found Roy Marsh's KR-2S N133RM at the auction, not far from where he lives in New Zealand. He made a successful offer, recovered it from the shed where it was entombed and brought it home.

After doing some research on the history and the current condition, Bruce decided it wasn't the right airplane project for him. Bruce offered it to me and I jumped on it. Going through the shipping and import process is a story within itself.

4 1/2 months after making the deal with Bruce, N133RM was delivered to my place in Oregon.

Original AROW Documents

Full Panel that Roy built

Early Dual Control with Pushrod Actuation

Full Cockpit

Data plate shows 585 pounds. Eventually I did get "Roy" up on some certified scales. That was disappointing.
Somehow between Feb 1994 and March 2019, the airplane gained a whopping 110#.
After receiving it, I fixed the damaged wings and painted the bottoms, swapped the LORAN for a GPS and changed an aluminum spinner to a fiberglass one, added an EFIS, a mixture meter and tie down points, stripped out a lot of bad wire for aviation-grade thinner gauge wire but didn't put all that weight on it...

N133RM-WeightAndBalanceAllCalcs.xlsx Several tabs on the spreadsheet list various dates and weights.