I acquired a project from Jack Gress of Kansas City, Missouri over Memorial Day weekend 2015 in a blitzkrieg 3800 mile road trip over 4 days. Solo.

My neighbors helped me unload and the project took up residence in my garage until I could make space for it in my shed/ shop.

First I had to get it in there and that required building some barn doors.

Once I tucked it away, it rested/ aged for several months while I went back to flying my KR2, N5391M.

I want to use as much of the work as is already completed. That means a certain amount of re-engineering will take place. An example was selling the vacuum instruments & pump and I'll be installing a Dynon D10A as the replacement. Less weight and complexity to boot. I finally got started on it with making a rudder run-around cable, my preferred approach compared to using springs. That knocked the dust off my building delay and it was Game On. There is a substantial amount of really good workmanship throughout the project that I'm defining as 45% complete meaning much of the basic structure is largely complete with all the subsystems missing; ailerons, wiring, fuel tank & systems, control system re-do, panel & instruments, firewall forward, seats, canopy mounting, avionics, lights etcetera. I believe I am qualified in applying a repairman's certificate in the paperwork when it is ready to become an airplane with the final FAA inspection.

Canopy Mount & Forward Deck