Bou's KR2 N5391M

Photo by Mark Langford from a C172 piloted by Wayne Schoor

I bought my flying KR2 from Gary Glasgow.  He completed the project and flew it for 15 hours before he sold it to me.

It is equipped with a RevMaster 2100, basic VFR instruments, Diehl wing skins, RR canopy frame and turtle deck prefab components.  Gary reported about 140 in cruise with a fuel burn just under 4gph.  I didn't find out the climb rate.  The placard shows 601# empty weight.

The airplane is currently in it's third landing gear configuration.  I removed the fixed conventional spring bar and added Diehl tri-gear. I replaced the firewall prior to installing a new engine mount and the nose gear. I built new outer spars, reused the Diehl skins and added wing tanks. In the process, the airplane gained weight and is now up to 665 empty as per certified scales.

I'm having a blast flying it and it is living up to my hopes of giving me a platform from which I can continue to learn about aviation, experience the thrill of flying and to slowly make improvements to the airframe. A BIG Thank You to Mark Langford, Joe Beyer and the entire KRNet for help, guidance and inspiration all along the way.

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