The one & only M-19 "Flying Squirrel" designed, built & flown by Marvin Barnard
Oscar Zuniga carries the design forward after Marvin passed away in 2004. The official site is
Read the design concept goal & specifics here;
Read about the Flying Squirrel prototype here;
Oshkosh video of Marvin and the Flying Squirrel;

Bou's M-19b Project - or "My Flying Squirrel"

I'm currently flying a KR2S and that covers the "fast & inexpensive" aspect of VW-powered wood & composite aviation.
My buddy Steve has T'Craft and we have a goal to explore all the Oregon state airports. Some of them are definitely NOT "KR-friendly" due to short length or rough conditions.
Enter the "slow & inexpensive" aspect of VW-powered wood & composite aviation. Here is where the Flying Squirrel comes into the plan.

I visited Oscar in 1999 and looked at his project in progress. I was interested due to it being the same construction techniques and powerplant as the KR family. It was fun to see and didn't fit into what I saw as my goal for going fast. It still doesn't but 20 years later my goal changed. I just like it! And I've come back to the Squirrel...

Fast forward: I visited Oscar January 2020. His project is much further along but it isn't flying yet. I got a few detail photos.
So, if you're following along, Marvin's built airplane is in Oscar's hangar; I visited it December 2023


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