Bou's M-19 Project

This is an addition to all the great information at Oscar Zuniga's site

I'm currently flying a KR2S and that covers the "fast & inexpensive" aspect of VW-powered wood & composite aviation.
My buddy Steve has T'Craft and we have a goal to explore all the Oregon state airports. Some of them are definitely NOT "KR-friendly" due to short length or rough conditions.
Enter the "slow & inexpensive" aspect of VW-powered wood & composite aviation. Here is where the Flying Squirrel comes into the plan.

I visited Oscar in 1999 and looked at his project in progress. I was interested due to it being the same construction techniques and powerplant as the KR family. It was fun to see and didn't fit into what I saw as my goal for going fast. It still doesn't but 20 years later my goal changed...

Fast forward and I visited Oscar 2020-01-26. His project is much further along and it isn't flying yet. I think his Pietenpol may be distracting him too much!
Well that and getting ready for retirement; he's working too much right now.

I got a few detail photos of Oscar's project of areas that troubled me on the KR builds I've done in the past.

20200201- Today I bought some 1x furring strips at Home Depot to mock up a cabin. I'll need to make room in my shed first...

20200202- Cleared the KR2S from the shed, cleaned up some room

20200203- Bought material for new building table

20200204- Built table

20200205- Cut first wood for cabin mock-up

20200206- Dimensioned all the furring strips; rough-cut cabin side pieces to length

20200207- Ran through 2 1/2" increase in cabin height calculations; got a sanity check from Oscar
                    Fit fuselage side pieces to fit jig board

20200208- Finish fit all fuselage side pieces; glued up with T88 epoxy
(The cabin did increase in height and this photo is distorted because it doesn't actually look like this!)

20200209- Lifted Side 1 off the work surface this morning.

Finish cut & fit pieces for Side 2; laid it up with T88 epoxy.

 20200210- Remove Side 2 from the frames; errect both frames in rough position, rough cut floor pieces, dimension both spar carry-throughs

20200211- Finish trim all floor sections; square off fuselage profile sections to table, glue-up floor
I used Titebond-II glue; it has a short open time and partially set up before I finished. Ok, it is just a mock-up.

20200212- Removed clamps, drove staples through bottom longeron into floor sections; Woody is where the seat goes.

Holy Moly, this thing is huge! This shows setting the datum position as Marvin did; prop hub=0"

So the seat is now at Marvin's 60" aft of datum position or 41" aft of the firewall

This is how much legroom I have! I'm 6'1" with a 32" trouser in-seam.

My toes are fully pointed out forward! There is no way I can come close to touching the firewall.
Sure there are rudder pedals yet to be installed, even so...

--LATER THIS AFTERNOON-- I moved the seat back about 3" and sitting upon the 6" high seat platform, it needs to be lower.

Seated on the platform in profile view so note legroom

I expect a lower seat platform will give my desired headroom improvement from the 2.5" height increase

20200213- I want to be able to try out the entire build before I start for real & I'm ok with doing it twice.
Today I skinned the exterior cab frame for rigidity and to enclose the structure. This makes everything "real."

A dummy firewall would give the entire structure more shear strength but it will just be in the way...

20200214- Trimmed the boat skin overhang; printed, trimmed and connected wing chord patterns
Cut out chord plates and positioned on cab "N" rail, so called "chord beam"
Position of seat is approximately 60" arm of of his "prop hub datum")
Marked 25% - 33% MAC (pink lines on airfoil template) string approximates Marvin's W&B CG @ 52.06"
If my measurements are good, the M-19 with his pilot 208# & full 8G fuel was in the FAA "sweet spot" CG!

20200215- I cleaned the shop, dummyed up an alternate control stick, trialed an idea for movable seat and rudder pedals, and put some tung oil on the plywood. Just because. Nothing is photo worthy. Perhaps tomorrow...